Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Virtual Fighter 5 Online (Xbox360)

VF belongs to 3D fighting game. two opponents equipped with amazing martial arts skills fight each other until one of them is knocked out. to win the fight one of the fighters has to win two rounds. rounds are usually 30 seconds long.
there is a variety of fighters that player can choose from. each fighter has its own bio and it's more interesting if we first get familiar with the fighter before choosing him/her. yes, i said her, girls are there! :D each fighter also presents variety of skills; for instance; Sarah Bryant's Martial Arts style includes Karate, Teakwondo, and Savate style.
before getting in actual arcade the player has a choice of practicing moves in training mode. 
the further you get in the arcade the better opponents you will face.
what i like about the game is well the fact that you can choose to be female fighter. Sarah was actually my prime choice. you can even change the outfit. the graphics are really neat. the way the characters move is very impressive. there is a two players mode which is nice to actually play against human. before going online i recommend practicing for some time because they are really good out there and they can kick your butt in two simple moves :)
being able to control your character the way you want needs lots of practice, at least for me but it is forth it. if you are a Martial Arts fan just as I am then you will love this game.
i used to play Dead or Alive (not quite sure which part) long time ago on Sega and it basically has the same concept as VF.


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