Thursday, June 4, 2009

True Blood

The first season recently showed up on DVD and BlueRay. 
I am on the 6th episode (12 total) and i have to tell ya this show just blowed my mind!
I am into scary stuff but not particularly into vampires although when i was younger i loved Buffy :) Anyway I hesitated before watching the first episode but eventually cave in after persuasion from my boss. I am hooked!
True Blood takes place in the small Louisiana town where nothing really exciting happens until Bill - the vampire comes back to the town after his last living relative dies. the story goes around the relationship between Bill and Sookie - the waitress at the local bar, Sam - Sookie's boss and Tara - Sookie's best friend, and Jason - Sookie's brother with many partners. Town also is strucked by murders of women who get acquainted with the vampires.
True Blood is actually the name of the synthetic blood which replaces the real blood and now vampires do not have to attack people to feed:)

anyway, seriously, you should watch this show.


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