Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stay Alive

Aren't you glad Thanksgiving is over? well, I am. Too much food, too much boring conversations, too much family ... :)
Over the long weekend I watched "Stay Alive". it's not a new movie but for some reason i haven't had a chance to watch it when it first came out in 2006. the movie is about the game - Stay Alive where players visit creepy house with creepy surroundings (who has cemetery in the backyard? :D) where evil countess Elizabeth Bathory used to live. the players, well, have to stay alive, if they die in the game they die in the real live.
i really liked how the game looked, the graphics, level of creepiness, you almost thought it was too good looking. the movie had it's scary moments, especially at the beginning. those who played horror/ survival games know how freaked and jumpy you can get while playing the game. storyline was ok but they could go deeper with the creation of the game - they answered the question why but not who. but at the end i think the movie is worth watching.


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