Thursday, July 23, 2009

Left 4 Dead

L4D is a first person shooter survival type of game. you are playing one of 4 survivors who managed not to get infected by virus that changes peoples to zombies. yep, i know, it was done before:) however what is really cool about this game is that you get to play with your buddies on split screen (big TV is recommended). in my case it was my nephew currently visiting from Poland.
Ladies will be happy to know that there is a female character - Zoe.
There are four campaigns available of which each contains few chapters. the locations are really creepy and zombies comparing to Resident Evil prior games run at you, they do not walk.
there is a horde - mass attack by zombies, hunter - jumps on you unexpectedly, smoker-gets you by his long tongue, boomer - if shoot to closely spills some king of slime on you, Tank - huge sob, hard to kill, witch - silent but deadly if bothered.
i rate this game quite high because it is a lot of fun to play along with somebody and XBox360 has really very few games with local multi player.