Thursday, November 19, 2009


Might this be my new favorite game with female character?
yesterday I played demo on my Xbox360 and i liked it so much that i right away bought the game online. once i have the whole game i can tell more but so far...
main character is Ayumi. Ayumi like Lara Croft is an adventurer which collects artifact. but the similarities do not end there. game locations are similar in both - ancient ruins. game is also 3rd person shooter. both ladies fight with pistols (Ayumi actually with sword/pistols), both are hot:), and they both have bad girl attitude. Similarities end there. Ayumi is blonde and wears much less clothes than Lara. I guess that was especially done to draw male players. Ayumi besides regular weapons has also power to perform certain spells like earthquace and shooting fireball which looks quite spectacular. the whole game is very dynamic and has nice visuals. controlling Ayumi is very easy.
I was really stunned to see that the game got such a low reviewes but my today's opinion is based on demo so we will see if it changes...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween and after Halloween

Halloween came and passed and i was left with some nice memories of the Halloween party and few good horror movies. I recently started watching Tales from the Crypt. I highly recommend it! Each episode is about 30 minutes long. The intro to each episode is done by the Crypt Keeper, quite entertaining fella :).
here are some pics from my Halloween Bash!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

this is the song that i'm currently obsessing about - Muse Uprising: